Lucy Stanley — Progessive Art Gallery, New-York, 2004

Immediate release

Agnes Sioda and Lo A. Mansson create, simply, on canvas the absolute expression of a compound definitive of a line where a variable complexity begins to take shape, something from which sub-text is born. It’s all a joy-filled agitation for a dance that hovers over the circle of earth and into the minds and hearts of what is felt, heard and not said, but rather, known.

Exclusively, it’s all a simple intrigue. Of spirals. Circles. Half-shapes. All these which do remain as an impulse, of where other images, that are not there, appear. Both artists are given to the ability of creating the fraction of mere suggestion. Fugacious. Fleeting moments of truth. To gaze upon their work collectively as well as an individual function, one might be prompted to imagine how the poet’s mind would interpret these unhampered renditions of magic. Of how the sound of buttermilk skies that have no end bellow on languid wafts of line that have no beginning. It’s all for the mystery of where eternity is told in fields of volume, space and compressed dimension of harmony.

Lucy Stanley, Director of the “Progessive Art Gallery”
New-York, April 2004

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